The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine

The RestStop

About the Author

M.L. Jacobs aka EroticPoet is a versatile author and poet. She is a ten-time published author in several literary genres.

In 2006, she discovered the ease of writing adult fiction. On a dare, she began to explore the art of romance writing including romantic thrillers, mysteries, crime dramas, and erotic short stories. The result of the dare was a popular short story called, The RestStop. Her fans and readers enjoyed the story, begging for more.

In 2008, author Jacobs decided to expand the short story into her debut novel, The RestStop: Jeff & Jeanine, due for release in November 2008, just in time for sexy stocking-stuffers.

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What's the Story

Jeanine, a beautiful, yet lonely young woman, seeks to find love on the Internet. When she meets Jeff, she believes that her prayers have been answered... finally!

They date by telephone and email for three months when they finally decide to meet face-to-face at a popular motel.

Wanting this clandestine meeting to be all that she's dreamed it to be, she makes many plans for fulfilling her every dark fantasy.

The RestStop is packed with thrills and chills; a surprise around every corner!

  • Does Jeanine truly know who her hot, sensual Internet lover really is?
  • Does anyone truly know if the person on the other side of their computer monitor is who they say they are?
  • What happens in the motel when Jeff and Jeanine finally meet for a night of unadulterated passion?

Jeff and Jeanine

Jeanine met Jeff on the Internet.

When they get together for a night of passion they soon discover that they

each hold evil secrets, secret pleasures, lies, and deceit!

Find out what happens in this erotic psychological thriller when Jeff and

Jeanine tryst at The RestStop!

Hold onto your seats when you take this wild ride!

There are more twists
and turns than a roller coaster on crack!


Title: The RestStop: Jeff and Jeanine

Author: M.L. Jacobs

ISBN: 978-0-9802275-2-9

Page Count: 300

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Chaklet Coffee Books

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